Developing Leaders

Developing Leaders

Equipping Leaders with Critical Skills

The best leaders create and maintain organizations in which each employee has opportunities to influence his or her job, the work environment, and identify ways to find time how the job gets done.

Leadership Development

The employees in such organizations are engaged and involved. They are loyal, committed and productive. They are regularly and consistently involved in discussion, problem-solving and decision–making regarding the work they do.

They are continually asked “From your point of view, what’s working, what’s not working, what needs to be different, what do you need to get your job done in the best possible fashion, are you getting what you need, including materials, tools, information, feedback; what are you getting that you don’t need?”   And, critically, the organization listens and responds to what the employees say.

The best leaders consistently involve their employees in these discussions both formally and informally.  On a day-to-day basis they have one-on-one conversations on these topics.  On a regular and scheduled basis they have meetings with their employees as a group in which the group considers the same set of questions: “What’s working and what’s not working, what do we need to do differently?”

The Lakeland Group has three decades-plus of experience in helping leaders (managers) understand the importance of these conversations, and equipping those leaders with the skills to conduct and facilitate them.  Links shown are to the behavioral models and the tools used by The Lakeland Group in training leaders and managers.

Leadership Development and The Lakeland Group

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The Lakeland Group has three decades-plus of experience in helping leaders enhance their competence and confidence.