Elizabeth McGrath, Founder and Principal of The Lakeland Group, has ten years of information technology experience preceding her twenty plus years consulting to organizations that range from heavy manufacturing to the hospitality industry.

Elizabeth spent seven years with Kepner-Tregoe (an organization research and development firm) and has affiliations with internationally recognized consulting firms specializing in helping Labor and Management create Organization Change Partnerships.

Elizabeth has worked with the Wilson Learning organization and is certified in a variety of Wilson Learning programs, including Negotiating to Yes, Counselor Salesperson and Managing Interpersonal Relations.

With extensive manufacturing, distribution, telecom, hightech and insurance experience, Elizabeth is adept at helping others select and use the universally applicable skill sets she brings to every consulting, coaching, training engagement.

Elizabeth is particularly interested in working with women in organizations, helping them identify and expand upon their leadership talents, gain power in influencing others with integrity, participate in every conversation with confidence and generosity.

Elizabeth has a BA in Economics, numerous information system and insurance industry credentials and an MA in Management from JFK University/NTL, where she was awarded the Morley Segal Leadership Award by her student colleagues. Peter Block’s Flawless Consulting: Field Book and Companion contains Elizabeth’s description of how she develops relationships and surfaces key operational issues in her consulting practice.

Elizabeth McGrath - Professional Woman Speaker