Women’s role and impact in business is on the rise.

As the world changes, women’s natural predispositions – relationship building, collaboration, systems thinking – are finding a powerful niche in today’s workplaces. Women are encouraged to be more assertive, address issues directly, not shrink from confrontation. And yet current social research finds the workplace is still more accepting of a man than a woman. Since women’s reception in the workplace is frequently critical – missteps are magnified, talents discounted – women owe it to themselves to reflect on and fine-tune essential Leadership/Management skills.

In her bestselling book Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead, Sheryl Sandberg directs our attention to the obstacles and challenges women face in the business world … and encourages women to take the risk to drive change, to “lean in.”

The Lakeland Group specializes in helping women willing to “lean in,” to “skill up.” As professional women go about changing the work environment more to our liking, enhanced confidence and capabilities can increase every bottom-line measure of success, even as women are challenging, nurturing and training others, both women and men.

The Lakeland Group’s Celebrating Women curriculum moves the Women Effecting Change dynamic from discussion and encouragement to explicit skills and action. The Lakeland Group is committed to the effectiveness of shared behavioral models among the people in the organization. Below are Links to these models and the tools used by The Lakeland Group.




Understanding Personalities

Sustaining Productive Conversations

Influencing / Negotiating / Resolving Conflict

Problem Solving / Decision Making / Action Planning